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May 27, 2013

Flash Fiction Challenge: Must Contain Psychic Powers

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You don’t have to have any kind of psychic powers to read what the two cops are thinking, since neither one is bothering to hide it. The one on the left, a man, thinks I’m a fraud, wasting everybody’s time, while the one on the right, a woman, believes my abilities are real, but that what I’m doing is wrong or evil.
I turn my head away from both and focus on the woman sitting in front of me. She’s small and frail looking with huge dark eyes in a very pale face. Her eyes are made bigger and darker by the fact that she has clearly be crying a lot.
“Please,” she repeats. “Help me find my little girl.”
I nod once and reach out for the small plastic bag on the table between us. I pick it up, open it and are about to take out the content, when the male cop strides over to the table and grabs my hand.
“It’s evidence. You only handle it from outside the bag. A bit of plastic should make no difference to someone like you.”
I hear my own voice say: “Really? I’ll say the same thing to the next guy I meet, who complains about having to use a condom.” Speed of thought is nothing compared to the speed of ill advised snark.
He sneers and is about to say something, when the lady interrupts. “Please,” she says, quietly, but there’s a force in that single word, which makes both me and the cop shut up. “It has already been examined and no fingerprints were found, nor any other kind of clue, so what harm could it do if she touches it?”
The cop doesn’t answer, but he lets go of my hand.
I stick my fingers in the evidence bag and pull out a single earring, made of silver or something close to that and shaped like a leaf.
I place it on the table in front of me and then I pull off my gloves. I hate the gloves. They prevent me from constantly seeing other peoples memories when I touch objects, but they are also a permanent reminder of what I am. Plus, people look at them and figure I either have a nasty skin condition or watch way too much Downton Abbey.
I look at the earring in front of me and have to steady myself with a deep breath. I never have any idea what I will experience when I touch something and I’ve had a couple of nasty surprises through the years. Other people may find broken childrens dolls vaguely creepy, but I fear them. If that earring really belongs to someone who kidnaps children, it will not be a nice experience. I try to prepare for the worst, but it’s hard when I have no idea what that may be.
I start moving my hand towards the charm and notice that it’s shaking. The cops both shuffle their feet. I would love to tell them to get out, because they’re distracting med, but I know it’s exactly the kind of thing a scammer would say. I can’t force my hand to steady, but I can force it to move the last few inches until it makes contact with the earring.
I feel at once that this little piece of jewelery is heavy with information. The room goes black around me and then images start to flow through my mind. First one at a time and slowly, but then they pick up speed.
This thing is very old and there are so many emotions and memories in it, but that’s not all. It is also strange, unlike anything else I have ever touched, even though I have had my hands on stuff from prehistoric cultures from the other side of the world, back when I thought I would be an archeologist. Then the images come at me with even greater force and my mind is swept away like a swimmer taken by an undercurrent.

When I wake up, I’m lying on the floor and both cops are kneeling next to me, looking worried. It takes me a moment to realize what has happened. It’s not the first time reading an object has made me faint, it has happened on occasion, but the last time was years ago. It was after that, I started wearing the gloves every day.
A third face comes into my field of vision. The mother.
“What did you see?” she asks.
I frown. For a moment I can’t even remember what I saw. Then it comes back to me. I sit bolt upright, which makes my head spin and both cops try to push me back onto the floor. I try feebly to push their hands away and remain sitting upright. “We have to find her!” I say. “We can’t waste a moment. We have to find her. Or they will cut out her eyes!”


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