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January 10, 2013

Flash Fiction Challenge: Spin the Wheel

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The prompt for the challenge can be found here: http://terribleminds.com/ramble/2013/01/04/flash-fiction-challenge-spin-the-wheel/

My specific prompts, chosen randomly, were:
Subgenre: Superhero
Setting: On the surface of a comet
Must Feature: Magical foodstuff

The comet roared towards Earth. In about five minutes it would enter the plants atmosphere and begin to burn, but for now, it was still relatively safe to stand on and she enjoyed the ride. Sanjay smiled in anticipation of the death toll and the chaos that would follow. It would be …
“Stop this dastardly deed, you villain!” boomed a voice behind her.
Sanjay turned.
Behind her stood a masked man. He was dressed in a green and silver costume with the underpants on the outside, the mark of superheroes everywhere. He wasn’t wearing any kind of spacesuit so she guessed that he was protected by a forcefield and that he had some kind of magnetic shoes, that allowed him to stand on the comet. Pretty standard equipment really.
She lifted an eyebrow, almost always the gesture of a supervillian and said: “And who might you be?”
The masked man straightened a bit. “I … am Noodle Man.”
She frowned. “I can’t say I ever heard … Wait, it does ring a bell. You got your powers from eating a bowl of noodles.”
“Yeah. Are you gonna make something of it?”
“Why would I? I’ve heard of worse ways to get your powers, than from radioactive foodstuff.”
The air seemed to go out of him. He rubbed the back of his neck. “They were magical noodles. But, yeah, I suppose so. I just get a lot of …But this isn’t about me.” He cleared his throat and spoke again in the booming voice. “You will no succeed with your evil plan, for I, Noodle Man, am here to stop you!”
“Oh, yeah? What are you going to do?”
“I am going to stop you, of course.”
“Yes, but how? Just announcing that you plan to do so, isn’t going to get the job done, you know?”
He didn’t answer. His hand started moving towards the back of his neck again, but he caught himself and jerked it back down.
She sighed impatiently. “You’re really not very good at this, are you?”
“Well, it’s my first real …”
“Just barging in like this, without having any idea what you’re going to do, is going to get you laughed at, more than having a stupid origin story ever could. Honestly! At least you could have sneaked up on me, rather than yelling about your intent.”
Noodle Man had red spots on his cheeks under the mask, from anger or embarrassment; she guessed a combination of both.
“There’s no reason to be rude, you know! I’m doing my best!”
“Well, your best isn’t good enough!”
“Oh and I suppose you got everything right the first time, when you decided to become a supervillain, little Miss Perfect!”
“I didn’t have to. It was enough, that I could make all the heroes do even worse than me.”
“And another thing … Wait, what do you mean by that?”
She stared at him incredulously. “Don’t tell me that you decided to go after a supervillain without even researching what her powers are?”
“Well, I …”
“That’s not just stupid, that’s pants-on-backwards-stupid!”
“There wasn’t exactly time, you know! I was told that a giant comet was hurtling towards Earth and that I was the only one free to stop it. I didn’t pause to check wikipedia. But what are your powers then?”
She smirked. “Self-doubt. As in, the ability to inflict it on others.”
“Oh,” he said.
“Oh,” she replied. She looked over her shoulder at the controls. Still about a minute until the comet entered Earth’s atmosphere. Then, out of idle curiosity, she asked: “What are your powers?”
Her eyebrows went up in actual surprise. “Distraction?”
“Yes, distraction. As in, I come barging in shouting and waving my arms and then people feel compelled to look at me and talk to me, while my partner gets into position and take them out with a ranged weapon, from a safe distance. She doesn’t have any super powers by the way, she’s just a really good shot.”
Sanjay’s throat had suddenly gone dry. “Oh,” she managed to croak.
Noodle Man nodded. “Oh,” he agreed.
Then the shot hit her in the back and everything went black.


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