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December 3, 2012

Flash Fiction Challenge: The Last 1000 Words Of An Non-Existent Novel

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[Author’s notes: Challenge courtesy of the always wonderful Chuck Wendig and can be found here. This is last chapter of a story, I am currently doing some brainstorming and outlining on. Basically it’s about the world and the people behind mirrors and how they attack the real world. This is how I think it’s going to end for two of my main characters (both real people], although I’ll try to make it more dramatic when the time comes. And, yeah, they don’t have names yet; I’m really bad at coming up with names.]

He looked at her wearily. He had aged in the last days – oh god, had it really only been days? “I have done everything you asked me,” he said. “I’ve fought for you, risked my life for you. Now we’ve won. There’s nothing more for you to ask of me. So tell me, have I earned your forgiveness or not? Because if not, then I don’t see how I ever could.”

Her blue eyes were as piercing as ever and he felt it as if she saw straight through him. “You’re wrong,” she said. “There’s one more thing you can do and that you’ll have to do, if you me to forgive you.”

He was confused. “Anything,” he muttered.

She turned and pointed at the mirror. “Go back in. Stay there when I close the gate.”

“You can’t ask me to … You’ve seen what the other side is like!”

“I can ask you to do anything I damn well please!” she yelled back.

“You’re not thinking clearly. You don’t mean it.”

“I’ve never meant anything more. The second worst day of my life was when you re-entered it. I don’t have to remind you which day was the worst, do I?”

He looked down, unable to meet her gaze. “Of course not.”

“I want to make sure that I will never meet you again. That no matter where I go, I never have to fear that I will look up and you’ll be there. I want you out of my life, forever. You should be happy I didn’t ask you to kill yourself.”

“It might have been kinder if you had,” he replied.

“Will you do it?” She tried to sound haughty, but there was a pleading note in her voice.

“I said I’d do anything, didn’t I? If this really is, what you want me to do, I’ll do it. I’m just worried that you might regret it later.”

“I won’t.” The anger seemed to have left her. Now she sounded as weary as he felt.

He stepped towards the mirror. Any hesitation might end with him loosing courage. “You just keep your end of the bargain and forgive me.”

“I will.” She made no move, but just watched him as he stepped up to the mirror. He looked out the window to get a last look at the stars. They were cold, distant and they seemed the only thing that hadn’t changed in the last few days.

He turned away from the window and towards the mirror. One more step and he would be through it.

He head a sound from behind, something like a scream that was muffled almost instantly. He spun around and saw her looking at him, She had a hand over her mouth and her eyes over it were big and frightened.

“I saw her,” she whispered.

He noticed that in her other hand she was clutching the small mirror.

“Of course,” he said slowly. “She died on the other side. Of course she would come back as soon as you looked into a mirror.” He smiled grimly. “Don’t worry. She can’t get out.”

“You don’t know that.” Both her hands dropped to hang limply at her side.

“You’re going to smash the mirror, the only gateway there is. Of course she won’t be able to get out.”

“But she’s so clever. She knows how the first mirror was build, she’ll make another or she’ll tell someone else and they’ll make it.”

“I’ll kill her before she gets the chance.”

“And the next time I pass a mirror, what then? Do you intend to kill her over and over and over again?”

“If I must.”

“It won’t work and you know it. I can’t always avoid mirrors and you can’t guard her at all times.”

“Then don’t stay away from mirrors. Always carry one with you, that way she’ll always be trapped.”

She smiled. A sad little smile. “No, I would be trapped. One night of darkness and she would be freed.”

“Then what is it you want me to do? Say it and I’ll do it, you know it.”

She stepped towards him. “Not you.” Another step. “Me.” Good god, she wasn’t walking towards him, she was walking towards the mirror.

He grabbed her hand. “Don’t. Don’t do it. We’ll find another way.”

“It has to be like this and you know it. It’s the only way to be sure.” She shook off his hand, not unkindly and smiled at him. “And this way, I still get what I want. A world without you in it.”

“I’m begging you …”

“Smash the mirror as soon as I’m through, and do it properly. Get rid of the pieces also, somewhere dark.” She took one careful step into the mirror, then another and its surface shimmered and closed behind her, like water closing over a diver.

Behind the mirror she turned to look at him and for a moment it seemed like his reflection was that of a young woman. She raised her hand, really in greeting this time and waved once. He waved back. Then she turned around and strode away from the mirror, towards the door in the end of the mirror room. He saw her open it and automatically turned to look at the door behind him, but that was still closed. When he turned back again, she was gone and the door in the mirror was closed as well. It could have been a completely ordinary reflection, of not for the fact that he was missing in it.


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